[OpenMap Users] WMSPlugin submission

From: Piotr Kamiński <Piotr.Kaminski_at_ctm.gdynia.pl>
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 07:31:29 +0200

Hi Don,

We have extended WMSPlugin recently (part of this work is base on Bart
Jourquin's code). Now you can ask server for capabilities, received
document is parsed and table of published layers is displayed. I hope
you find this code useful. There are also several small changes in other
packages. Here is description:

    * |com\bbn\openmap\util\propertyEditor\ColourPropertyEditor| - null
      pointer checking
    * |com\bbn\openmap\proj| - localization
    * |com\bbn\openmap\BufferedLayerMapBean| - added option to change
      brightnes ( overriding paint() method)
    * |com\bbn\openmap\BufferedLayerMapBean| - avoiding layers blinking
      (synchronizing paint and setLayers())

    * |com\bbn\openmap\gui\WindowSupport| -
      setDefaultWindowSupportDisplayType and
      getDefaultWindowSupportDisplayType are now public.

    * |com\bbn\openmap\image\ImageServerUtils| - setting transparent color

    * |com\bbn\openmap\layer\dted\DTEDLayer| - translations, a small
      change in gui
    * |com\bbn\openmap\layer\dted\i18n| - translations

    * |com\bbn\openmap\omGraphics\geom\BasicGeometry| - correcting
      distanceToEdge for enclosing line case

    * |com\bbn\openmap\plugin\WebImagePlugIn| - extracting query method,
      enablig extracting query text from window
    * |com\bbn\openmap\plugin\i18n| - translations
    * |com\bbn\openmap\plugin\wms\*| - adding selecting displayed
      layers, new gui

Best regards,

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