[OpenMap Users] Thread questions

From: Donohue Sean <SGDONOHUE_at_qinetiq.com>
Date: Thu, 4 May 2006 11:05:30 +0100



I need to receive position data from a server written in C++, which means I
need to learn about threading in Java:-(. I've created a layer derived from
OMGraphicHandlerLayer. All layers are Swing components, right?


Does that mean that if I create a thread to handle the socket I/O then I can
use SwingWorker.invokeLater to call some public method on my layer class and
pass in the new positions to be added to the layer? No locks needed, all
the thread safety is handled for me?


What about the GUI shown by the getGUI method? If I use that to filter some
of the points in the layer, that happens in the event dispatching thread,
yes? Is that the same as the layer thread or do I need to use the same
technique here too?





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