[OpenMap Users] Determining the shape file polygon type of a layer

From: <David.Miron_at_csiro.au>
Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 09:36:35 +1000

Hi all

I am developing a layer on the fly using open map. This layer will then
be written to a postgis database. Most of this is working but I am
puzzled as to how I can determine the shape file polygon type of the
layer without actually having to write the layer to a shapefile first?

Any help would be appreciated

Kind regards


Dr David Miron
CSIRO Livestock Industries
Locked Bag 1
Armidale NSW 2350
Ph: 02 6776 1375
Fax: 02 6776 1333
Email: David.Miron_at_csiro.au

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