[OpenMap Users] OpenGL Panel considered?

From: Thomas Schar <thomas.schar_at_dsto.defence.gov.au>
Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 14:30:28 +0930


I was just wondering if there is any benefit to openmap makubg use of 3d
hardware accel rendering? We are investigating the use of openmap in a
near real-time update (ie. military situational awareness display)
scenario and when combined with a single CADRG (RpfLayer), and a few
(<20) OMGraphics, the rendering is too slow.

< details >
 (talking between 2-10 secs to perform a pan and/or zoom -- this is on a
Athlon64 2.x with 1 GB ram). The CADRG full data set is largish (450MB)
but only a very small amount of the map is shown (say <1%). I'm not sure
exactly how the CADRG is broken up into tile/cells, but it's an official
NIMA dataset, so I'm hoping that it has been generated reasonably well.
< /details >

Anyway, I was playing with ways of optimising the performance, when I
just sort of wondered why 3d hardware accelearation isn't used more. Is
this due to the immaturity of jogl/j3d/lwjgl libraries or because the
hardware doesn't provide any benefit?

Yours interested

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