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From: John Pearson <rcd2951_at_satx.rr.com>
Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 12:46:23 -0500

Don & List:

Here's what I've learned about the availability of NGA maps from USGS. They
have a limited amount of CADRG (apparently the same as those NGA distributes
on their website to the public), but they do have a larger collection of
ADRG maps available for sale.


John Pearson

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Thank you for your inquiry.

USGS does sell some NGA ADRG's. Use the USGS Store at:
http://store.usgs.gov/ Click on the words Enter USGS Store and then under
Product Lines find Digital Products. Finally, click on Compact Disc. The
ADRG's are listed by names beginning with ARC. Clicking on the title or
number provides a description of each item. Orders can be processed through
the Store or by calling the number below, use option 1.

Science Information and Library Services
888-ASK USGS (275-8747)

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Are any of NGA's CADRG or ADRG map products available for sale to the
general public thru the USGS "store" that NGA references at

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