Re: [OpenMap Users] MilStd 2525B icons

From: Don Dietrick <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 15:27:07 -0400

Hi Tom,

On Jun 14, 2006, at 9:13 PM, Thomas Schar wrote:

> Hi all,
> <digress>
> My areas current 'battlemap' type system is a combination of
> landscape and falconview, and doesn't really support our simulation
> capability too well. So, I'm trying to push the development of a
> 'handrolled' version that can be tweaked to our needs.
> I've been conducting a feasibility study generating a prototype
> implementation of a 'battlemap' type capability using openmap and
> it's mostly complete. I'm still tweaking performance slightly, but
> it's workable right now. With around 100 icons (milstd2525) on the
> visible map and combined with an RpfLayer (of around .7GB of data)
> and a OMScalingRaster (60MB file implemented as a layer) I am
> getting a rescale refresh latency (ie. users changes rendering
> scale) of around 2-4 seconds (wristwatch timed) at worst, and
> generally around 1.5 secs (which is workable)

You might want to mark the raster layers as 'background' layers and
use a BufferedLayerMapBean. This will cause those layers to be
rendered to a BufferedLayer in the MapBean, and will generally speed
up refresh rates. You can also consider having the icon layer render
to it's own Image, and then have that layer render to the map.

> </digress>
> Anyway, the app I am writing is running at 1600x1200 and I'm
> finding the icons in the milstd2525 jar file to be a little small
> at (30x30) pixels. Are the icons available at any larger
> resolutions? Or is the 2525B SVG file available anywhere to
> generate larger icons from the source? (I don't need huge icons,
> but maybe ~60x60)

You can specify the size of the icon in the request to the
SymbolReferenceLibrary, but using the SVG library would probably be
better. You'll need the batik toolkit jars for that, too.

I have a little package to make this easier at:

Hope this helps,


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