[OpenMap Users] Refresh AreaShapeLayers after changing DrawingAttributes

From: Fábio Henrique da Silva <fabio.silva_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2006 14:15:44 -0300

Dear OpenMappers,

I'm a newbie user working with something like

<loop> (from layers 1 to large_N)
    AreaHandler areaHandler = layer.getAreas();
    <loop> (processing all politicalAreas of this layer)
        PoliticalArea politicalArea = areaHandler.findPoliticalArea("myString");
        DrawingAttributes drawingAttributes =
        [and other drawingAttributes changes, much better than via
properties :-)]

However, I was unable to find out how to "refresh" all recoloured
layers of my MapBean without changing the projection, since this is
not the case. I have tried repaint() without success... Just when I
navigate on the map the new colors are shown. Does someone have an
idea on how to reflect these DrawingAttributes changes efficiently?

Thanks in advance,

Fábio Silva.

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