Re: [OpenMap Users] Displaying contour data exported by HPAC

From: Matt Brennan <>
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2006 08:05:32 +0930

Don Dietrick wrote:
>> The OpenMap FAQ similarly says "no" to ARC files - and the other
>> formats do not seem to have openmap support. FBV, EIS and CTS seem
>> not to be mentioned: even in these mailing list archives for
>> example.
> That entry might be outdated, since the .e00 ArcInfo file format is
> handled by the E00Layer. Can you get .e00 files?

Hi Don, thanks very much for your response!

Regarding e00 files, alas I only have .arc files. Though I am guessing
that (and searching for) an existing converter class that should be able
to transform from .arc -> .e00. These both look like simple(ish) ascii
formats to munge between.

>> So I think I need to either:
>> - extend the current OpenMap shapefile to read the contour info in
>> the ".cxl" file and modify how this renders to fill the shapes,
> I would go with this one after trying...
>> - write a custom layer to parse one of the HPAC format files
>> (option 7 above) and display, or
> this one. If you can get documentation on the format and it's pretty
> simple (or worth your time to write a layer for it), I usually opt to
> handle a data set in it's native format. But wait...
>> - add the appropriate HPAC client jars to my classpath and include
>> an appropriate contour drawing layer and properties in my
>> openmap.props (any ideas on what this layer would be could be very
>> useful!!)
> I think I'd try this first, if they are giving out a jar file that
> has a layer inside it that can handle the data set as is.
> It kind of looks like you are bound to the HPAC program to get you as
> far as you can, since the .cxl file is their format, too. I'd start
> at 3, then go to 1, then try 2. Path of least resistance.

Ok, thanks Don. I will see if I can work out the details of the existing
layers (props browser should help) and include one "as is" (if licensing
does not raise its head).

My first efforts and investigations make it seem that this route has
some dependency hell (or some internal opaqueness since the HPAC client
architecture uses OpenMap as just one possible mapping tool set via an
abstraction layer). I will keep poking wires into the problem until the
lightbulb goes on or there is a flash and loads of smoke. ;-)



ps: Australia through to the final 16 of WC 2006 drawing with Croatia
2-2 today! LOL... sporting nationalism: a nightmare! ;-)

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