Re: [OpenMap Users] VMap0 question

From: Don Dietrick <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 22:44:43 -0400

Hi Brian,

On Jul 11, 2006, at 10:29 PM, Brian M Dube wrote:

> Don Dietrick wrote:
>> Hi Brian,
>> The package should be handling the files with or without the dot.
>> The code checks for files without the dot and then with it. I do
>> think that the lat and dht files have to both have the dot, or
>> both be without it, though. I just tried it with and without the
>> dots and got the same answer with DescribeDB.
> Thanks for the reply. Does your DescribeDB output include feature
> class names? Mine has a line such as
> "noamer:veg:FeatureClassNames:" for each coverage, but it never
> includes any names.

Are you expecting to see specific names of the features? DescribeDB
should just be listing the general feature names. Mine does this.

If you want to inspect specific files, you can use the
com.bbn.openmap.layer.vpf.Server class, that should provide more
specific information in the files.

> I've tried using VMAP2Shape to get around this problem, but the
> same coverages that fail to display in the application fail to
> produce shape files. Sometimes the VMAP2Shape result is 0
> candidates, other times a NullPointerException.
> I don't know if the problem is that VMap0 doesn't have what I'm
> asking for, or if I'm not asking for it correctly.

Are you looking for the attribute names for the specific features?
VMap2Shape doesn't create dbf files that would hold that information,
it's a simple program that just pulls geometries out of the database.


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