[OpenMap Users] Using OpenMap viewer to show CADRG data

From: Vairoj A. <vairoj_at_hotpop.com>
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 15:51:01 +0700


I am experiment the CADRG showing facility of OpenMap by using OpenMap
Viewer. However, as I am not much familiar to the format, I still could
not make the viewer to show the data.

First, the data file is believed to be in the correct format, as it can
be opened in other viewer.

The following is what I have done:
* Changed map projection to CADRG
* Add Layer - RPF Layer
* Set datapath to RPF directory which contains A.TOC file
* Left other setting as default - nothing is displayed at this stage.
* If I click on the layer option and select Show Coverage checkbox, the
red rectangular is show on where the map is supposed to draw on.

However, I could not managed to get the map drawn. Could anyone tell me
what am I missing here?


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