[OpenMap Users] OMPoly edition bug : fixed ?

From: Stéphane Wasserhardt <swasserhardt_at_cls.fr>
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 11:38:26 +0200

Hi !

I found a bug in OMPoly editing, but I don't know if my way to avoid it is
the good one...

Here is a summary of what happens when you edit an OMPoly :

When you use the SelectMouseMode to click on an OMPoly which can be edited,
it turns into an EditableOMPoly with GrabPoints to modify it.
When you select it, many things happen, but three things are interesting :
First, the OMPoly goes in edit mode : it is wrapped into an EditableOMPoly.
This EditableOMPoly (EOMP) builds a list of GrabPoints (polyGrabPoints),
and sets the EditableOMGraphic's "gPoints" array with these grabPoints (+
another fake OffsetGrabPoint to move the whole OMPoly).
Another thing is that the OMDrawingToolMouseMode, used to edit the graphic
is added to the MapBean's ProjectionListeners list, in order to update the
grabPoints when projection changes...
The last thing that happens is that if "showAttributes" is true on the
parent EditorTool, a new ToolBar is added to the OpenMapFrame's ToolBar to
show DrawingAttributes and EOMP tools (enclose poly, add grab point, remove
grab point).

Now that it is explained, here is the bug :

When the tools are added to the ToolBar, depending on your ToolBar contents
at this time (and the LookAndFeel, etc.) it may be possible that the
ToolBar size changes. Then it will take a little more space on the MapBean.
The MapBean will have its size changed, invoking a ProjectionChangedEvent !
This event will be recieved by the OMDrawingToolMouseMode. It will
regenerate the OMPoly for this new projection and recreate the grabPoints.
But these grabPoints won't be changed in the gPoints array (of
EditableOMGrpahic) ! So when you'll try to move a grabPoint, you will move
a grabPoint of gPoints, not one of polyGrabPoints, so the EditableOMPoly
won't change !!

Finally the fix :

polyGrabPoints is copied into gPoints in the method
"EditableOMPoly.getGrabPoints()" if the following condition is true :

int size = polyGrabPoints.size();

if (gPoints.length != size + 1) {

But when the "bug" happens, the size isn't changed, so I changed to check
if the first grabPoint has changed. If it's true, then all the array has to
be rebuilt :

if ((gPoints.length != size + 1) || ((size > 0) &&
(!gPoints[0].equals(polyGrabPoints.get(0))))) {

If this is the right fix, you can add it to the next OpenMap release... Or
just find a better one !

These ProjectionChanged events can be really annoying, I lost a couple of
hours finding the reason why my OMPoly's grabPoints couldn't be grabbed !!


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