[OpenMap Users] Bugs investigation

From: Stéphane Wasserhardt <swasserhardt_at_cls.fr>
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006 17:45:57 +0200

Hi all !!

I'm playing with EditableOMGraphics, but with my own subclasses, so I don't
know if this is my fault, but I found two bugs :

If you are editing a point, and you change the projection during the
edition process, regenerate(Projection) will be called on the EditableOMPoint.
If the inner point (OMPoint) is not null, the method
(EditableOMPoint.regenerate(Projection)) calls point.regenerate(Projection).
But the inner point did not recieve any projection change notification
before that call. So point.getNeedToRegenerate() is false !
(point.generate(Projection) will never be called).
If you look at the same method in EditableOMPoly, the call is
I think this should be the same for points : replace regenerate by generate
in EditableOMPoint ....

There seems to be a problem in OMCircle generation when the its center is
(0, 0) (lat/lon) and radius is very small (< 10 km).
A call to generate() on such a circle using a Mercator projection (I only
tried with mercator and orthographic ; no problem with orthographic)
computes a wrong location in xy coordinates.
If I find more info on this bug, i'll send it ;)


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