[OpenMap Users] Non-graphical use of OpenMap classes

From: Oystein E. Thorvaldsen <oysteine_at_pvv.org>
Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2006 00:06:36 +0200


I'm developing an agent-based application that among other things is to
show information on non-interactive maps. This information/map is
generated upon request from data collected/generated by the agents, but
once generated it is not to be changed, unless a new request is issued.

The MapBean class seems very tied into Swing and AWT, and is essential
to doing almost anyting using OpenMap as far as I've understood. Is it
possible for an agent to use OpenMap classes to do the necessary
calculations and create a static image, without actually launching an
OpenMap-related GUI? (Especially if I want to use Graphics2D related
functionality, see my earlier post:

Řystein E. Thorvaldsen

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