[OpenMap Users] Problem creating and loading layer

From: Esposito, Christopher <christopher.esposito_at_boeing.com>
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 16:43:28 -0700

OK, dumb question time, since I've gotten this to work before.

I needed a new layer, so I started with an existing one from the same
application (called c4isim), which already had a constructor, init,
update, etc. methods already with the right signatures.

I changed the class name, modified the contents of the existing methods
and added some new ones to support drawing my new objects. The new layer
has the same properties as the old (the properties that setProperties
deals with), but the new layer does not yet have an associated GUI
panel, so getGUI() was removed.

I then modified the openmap.properties file to use my new layer
(OSFLayer) instead of the old (SimLayer). This section now reads:

# OSF layer
OSF.prettyName=C4Isim OSF

I believe I have verified that the fully qualified name of the class is
correct. However, when I start Openmap, I get a message:

LayerHandler: Skipping "OSF" - can't create.

No additional information about why it can't be created is printed.
Short of diving into the source for LayerHandler to see what it's doing,
any suggestions for common reasons why this message is seen instead of
the layer being created?


Chris Esposito, Ph.D.
Associate Technical Fellow
(425) 373-2788

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