[OpenMap Users] Can private fields be changed to protected?

From: Yesberg, John <John.Yesberg_at_dsto.defence.gov.au>
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 16:21:48 +0930


I want to modify the behaviour of the VPFLayer.
Rather than change my copy of the openmap source, it seems better to
subclassing classes from com.bbn.openmap.layer.vpf.
(That way, I can simply update to the next release when it's available,
and I just have to mess about with classpath.)

This works well for me, except for the LibrarySelectionTable.
The following fields are all private.

        /** the bounding rectangle of the respective libraries */
        private Map boundrec = new HashMap();// bounding rect as

        /** the CoverageAttributeTables corresponding to the different
libs */
        private Map CATs = new HashMap();

        /** the names of the lat columns */
        final private static String LATColumns[] = {
Constants.LAT_LIBNAME, Constants.LAT_XMIN, Constants.LAT_YMIN,
                        Constants.LAT_XMAX, Constants.LAT_YMAX };

        /** the expected schema types for the library attribute table */
        final private static char LATschematype[] = { 'T', 'F', 'F',
'F', 'F' };

        /** the expected schema lengths for the library attribute table
        final private static int LATschemalength[] = { -1 /* 8 */, 1, 1,
1, 1 };

        /** the name of the database */
        private String databaseName;

        /** the database description of itself */
        private String databaseDesc;

The last two have getter methods (getDatabaseName(),
getDatabaseDescription()), but no setters.
The others aren't accessible to my subclass.
That means that when I copy (& modify) the "addDataPath" method, I can't
access the fields I need.
I've cheated by changing all these fields to 'protected' instead of

I think that it would be sensible either to make such fields protected,
or to provide protected getters & setters.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on the matter?

Dr John Yesberg
Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australia.
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