[OpenMap Users] nested generate(p,false) calls

From: Donohue Sean <SGDONOHUE_at_qinetiq.com>
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 15:44:10 +0100

I think I've uncovered a tiny bug in OMGraphicList::generate( Projection p,
Boolean forceProjectAll), though I could just be misusing it.

I have omgraphiclists containing omgraphiclists containing omgraphiclists,
etc, several layers deep in order to be able to quickly turn off graphics
displays at a variety of ownership levels. At the moment, I am calling
generate(getProjection(), false) on the top level list, which is passed out
of my layer's prepare method. At the bottom level there may be a number of
OMLines which have needToRegenerate set to true, so we only want those
objects to be re-generated.


Calling generate(p, false) loops through each element of the list and calls

However, regenerate(p) checks needToRegenerate for the list and if so, calls
generate(p), which defaults to generate(p,true), not generate(p,false)


So although the top level list item checks needToRegenerate, all
sub-elements do not check needToGenerate but just get generated.


Is this behaviour by design? If so, how is one meant to recursively call
generate(p,false)? If it is a bug, I think the correct fix would be for
OMGraphicList to implement a new version of regenerate (we can assume
forceProjectAll is false, so no need to pass it as a parameter) which calls


Did that make any sense?






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