[OpenMap Users] Projection.isPlotable()

From: Newcomb, Michael-P57487 <Michael.Newcomb_at_gdc4s.com>
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 09:19:15 -0400

>From the API docs:

"Checks if a LatLonPoint is plot-able.
Call this to check and see if a LatLonPoint can be plotted. This is
meant to be used for checking before projecting and rendering Point
objects (bitmaps or text objects tacked at a LatLonPoint for instance)."

The second part is not correct.

Mercator.isPlotable() always returns true! So, if I have lots and lots
of objects to transform to X,Y points, I end up transforming all of them
but I still need to do more checking to see if they *really* should be

So, if I'm zoomed in and can only see the USA, why does
Projection.isPlotable(<somewhere in Asia>) return true?

IMHO, Projection.isPlotable() should only consider what is in it's view?
Isn't that what a Projection is?


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