[OpenMap Users] Getting at current projection in OMGraphicHandlerPlugIn?

From: Bas Schulte <basschulte_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2006 18:55:58 +0100


I'm new at using openmap and I love it! Got an experimental
navigation app running in a couple of hours which is quite awesome.

Tons of questions arise though, hope you can bear with me... I wrote
a plugin that displays my chart (jpg/png etc.) just fine at the right
spot now I'd like to be able to get at lat/lon in my mouseClicked
method. I know I can use the current projection's 'inverse' method to
give me that information based on x/y from the event but for the life
of it I can't find how to get at that bit of info.

I worked around it by keeping the Projection that's being fed to
getRectangle in my plugin which seems to work but there must be a
proper way to get at that info? I'm trying to get the architecture in
my head but it's quite complicated after hacking around for a day ;)

What's the proper way to get at the current projection in my
overriden mouseClicked method?



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