Re: [OpenMap Users] BSB maptech layer

From: Bas Schulte <>
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 20:33:57 +0100

On 16-nov-2006, at 20:13, Carsten . Madsen wrote:

>> Not sure if I appreciate the dependency on a non-java external
>> library though. From the looks of it, reading a bsb file directly
>> isn't that difficult. I may have a stab at that someday.
> The GDAL stuff support more than 50 different rasters that is hard
> to keep up with ;> but the JNI stuff is always a hassle.

Well, I suppose being able to support 50+ formats that are being
maintained as well is very nice to have for some applications. Would
hate to have to do that myself ;)

OTOH, personally, I'm interested only in a handfull formats.

> However, if you only need BSB just port the BSB C stuff from GDAL
> to Java. Only problem is that it only supports BSB's < 4.

< 4 or <= 4? Seems bsb 4 and 5 are the ones used mostly in marine
charts so that code won't help much then?

Oh, and let me guess: version 4 and 5 are proprietary and patented to
hell? :)

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