Re: [OpenMap Users] OpenMap Layer (New)

From: JR Andreassen <>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 10:15:50 -0600

I'm working on making a labeling function in the shape layer.
There are two problems.
1. Filtering major/minor streets names. It get's awfully bussy and it's
hard to see the labels.
I'm trying to come up with an algo that won't show the label unless the
length of the label is <= line segment.
Combined with perhaps a enumeration for major/minor street
2. Currently the OMLabel/OMTextLabeler only displays the label Horizontaly.
Need to figure out a way to rotate it..

Anyone that have any comments suggestions feel free to comment.

> Hi There,
> Im new the gis environment and would like some help with regards to
> the following :
> Iím looking for assistance in displaying a street layer that is in a
> shp and/or ssx format ( That has been exported from another GIS
> application ) . I have been able to display the data ( street lines )
> correctly, but unable to display street names next to the lines. Any
> help would be appreciated.
> Thanx
> Rudi

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