[OpenMap Users] WMS server - updated to current cvs++

From: Tore Halset <halset_at_pvv.ntnu.no>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 16:55:07 +0100


I have taken the latest version from the mail archive and done some
changes. I realy hope that this could be submitted to OpenMap CVS.
After my fixes, it works with OpenLayers and uDig.

Changes to existing files that are in CVS:
Files that are not in CVS:

The changes I have done:
* removed MapServer.java as it had compile problems with PropUtils.
This is
    only for use with SimpleHTTPServer and not the servlet
* removed java 5 stuff like the enhanched for loop and generics
* use ArrayList instead of Vector and HashMap instead of Hashtable
* changed servlet init to take info from first request instead of init
* openmap.props from /WEB-INF/.. (overridable by servlet subclasses)
* default wms version 1.1.1 for clients that do not specify version nr
* changed ProjectionFactory.getAvailableProjections to work while the
factory is being changed. this happended using the OpenLayers wms
client as it sends multiple simultanous requests

To get the wmsservlet to work you need some more things to do:
  * add the following to openmap.properties
#openmap.wms.Title=Sample Title
#openmap.wms.Abstract=Sample Abstract
#openmap.wms.Keyword=a b c

* standard build should include wmsservlet
* find aliases for the other projections. esp Mercator.
* include the aliases in Projection interface or some other place in
the java code.

  - Tore.

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