RE: [OpenMap Users] Adding Buttons to GUI

From: Bivens, Hugh P <>
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 10:27:40 -0700

The way I did it (may not be the best way!) was to implement findAndInit
in my layer. It would check if a ToolPanel was added, and then add stuff
to it:
public void findAndInit(Object someObj)
        if (someObj instanceof ToolPanel)
            JButton button = new JButton("Foo");
            ((ToolPanel) someObj).add(button);
            // could also save a reference to the tool panel to add
stuff later.


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Subject: [OpenMap Users] Adding Buttons to GUI

Hi all
I would like to add some OMToolComponent control buttons alongside the
existing buttons on the main map gui.
I have added them by modifying the properties file (openmap.components =
existing plus myNewButton..extended OMToolComponent).
I would like to programaticaly add these tool components from my
extended OMGraphicsHandlerLayer class , but do not know how to add them
to the tool bar once I have instatiated the class within my layer.
I would be gratefull if someone could explain how I do this.. I could
then change the icons etc on the fly using logic from my layer class..
thankyou in advance
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