[OpenMap Users] How "openmap.include" Finds Its Files

From: Lin, Sunny (Shih-Hung) <"Lin,>
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 12:08:41 -0600

Hi, Group,


I am currently porting an OpenMap application from Unix to CygWin and
run into a wield issue. The app uses a properties file which contains
the following lines.








"openmap.properties" is a modified version of properties file, which
came with OpenMap distribution, in the same directory. I noticed the
app launches and uses the specified properties file. Somehow, the file
doesn't include "openmap.properties" in the same directory but a
different copy instead. I have no idea where this included properties
file is. Please anyone tell me how "openmap.include" finds its file.




-Sunny Lin


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