Re: [OpenMap Users] Using a OMGraphicHandlerPlugIn subclass in com.bbn.openmap.examples.hello.HelloWorld?

From: Bas Schulte <>
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006 00:07:11 +0100

Hi Carsten,

On 28-dec-2006, at 21:01, Carsten . Madsen wrote:

> Check your classpath, is is identical when launching the OM viewer
> and when launching the example app?
> Try adding
> openmap.Debug= componentfactory componentfactorydetail...
> to the file
> that should give you the full stack trace. Perhaps you could post it.

Hmm, that got me thinking... If you check the example
(com.bbn.openmap.examples.hello.HelloWorld), it uses MapHandler/
MapBean etc. and they don't seem to do any of the debugging stuff so
nothing appeared on stdout/stderr. I added this code:

                JAIPlugIn jai = new JAIPlugIn();
                jai.setProperties("jailayer", mProperties);
                PlugInLayer pl = new PlugInLayer();

And that worked.

Your remark triggered me in looking around in some more examples and
it turns out that if I use BasicMapPanel (instead of MapHandler/
MapBean directly), then it works fine, even without the above lines.

Perhaps the examples need updating, I get a feeling that
BasicMapPanel is a bit newer than the examples?

Anyway, thanks, 'cause your reply did trigger me into finding the
solution ;) Also, debugging is working fine now.



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