[OpenMap Users] RFP/Subcontract: Changes to Shape layer

From: JR Andreassen <janrune_at_io.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 11:36:17 -0600


 I'm looking to see if there is anyone that is intrested in
subcontracting some work on Openmap.

We need some changes made to the Shape layer.
These changes are designed to make interaction with Polylines/Roads better.

1) Better control of labeling.
    a) Ability to specify label Column(s) in properyfile/GUI.
    b) Ability to specify more granular min/max zoomfactor based on
attribute values.
    c) Decluttering of labels.
    d) Rotating labels to follow Polyline/Road.

2) Improve performance with large dataset.
    a) Change the shape layer to NOT project and draw all the objects
that are offscreen.

There are other thinkgs to solve as well, but we can work out details at
some later stage.
  If anyone is intrested, let me know. Also, please give me an
indication of rates/costs.

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