Re: [OpenMap Users] Performance on very large model

From: JR Andreassen <>
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 13:22:16 -0600

 I tried using it with a 1.5Gb Shape file.
It didn't work too good. I'm sure there is a way to trim it.

>Dear all,
>My name is Rui Lopes and I am new to openmap. I am a student of Informatics
>Engineering in Coimbra, Portugal.
>I have a model built in RepastJ, that needs 512 MB o memory to run. I've
>been using the repast gui tools to display the world. Now I wan't to
>integrate it with a GIS software, in order to, hopefully, have better
>performance on the visualization and extra GIS functionalities.
>I started by trying OpenMap. RepastJ offers inbuilt functions to use
>openmap, but they are quite limited. One has to load agents from a shape
>file for example and use a library to create the GIS agents. So, I
>integrated it directly with openmap by creating my own
>OMGraphicHandlerLayer, following the samples in the openmap package. This
>worked, but now I need to the double the memory in order to run the model
>and I am not able to deal with the gui, because my computer is almost
>freezed (I have only 1024MB ram).
>The thing is that the world is a grid of 2400x1200, what gives at start
>2880000 objects (I used OMRect), that change, at least some do, every tick.
>Is this a plausible number of objects to use in openmap or should I forget
>Has someone used some GIS software with such a large number of objects in a
>dynamic model? which application did you used? what are the requirements for
>a machine to properly deal with a model of this size?
>Thanks in advance,

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