[OpenMap Users] esriPluginLayer problem from applet

From: andy south <southandy_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2007 15:51:00 +0000

Hello there,
I'm very impressed with the capabilities of OpenMap, thanks to all involved.

However, have a problem I've been trying for a few hours to fix to no

I've been trying to get an applet to load a shapefile defined in the
openmap.properties file as an EsriPluginLayer.

I copied the demo applet and openmap.properties file and defined in the
properties file a shapefile for the applet to load from the server.

This works as the esriPluginLayer when the applet is run locally but not
when it is run on the server. It does work as a ShapeLayer when run from the

This is the error when trying to load the EsriPluginLayer on the server.

*** ERROR ***

PropUtils: AccessControlException trying to access data/shape/cfp.shp


Despite the shapefile not displaying, 'show data table' will display the dbf
file fine.

Text added to the properties file :

        cfp.class = com.bbn.openmap.plugin.esri.EsriPlugIn

        cfp.prettyName = CFP




#test loading as shapeLayer rather than esriPluginLayer





Any suggestions appreciated,



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