[OpenMap Users] Is OpenMap the right tool for my project?

From: Redd Murphy <beauchampmj.ctr_at_Npt.NUWC.Navy.Mil>
Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 12:15:22 -0700 (PDT)


I have a database that stores geographical areas as a set of lat/lon
coordinates. I am trying to write a servlet that will create polygons out
of the database records so that I can use a contains() method to see if
passed-in coordinates fall within the defined areas. The reason I turned to
Openmap with this problem is because I assumed that it can handle polygons
that span the dateline. Is that a good assumption?

I have gone as far as creating OMPoly objects out of my lat/lon sets, and
have tried something like this:

    Point2D.Float pt = new Point2D.Float(lat,lon);
     OMPoly omp = this.getPolygon();
     Shape s = omp.getShape();
     return s.contains(pt);

I end up getting a null pointer exception, and based on another thread I'm
guessing that it's because my polygon hasn't been projected. I don't have
the first clue about how projection works, and since I have no gui I wonder
if I am even going down the right path.

I am in over my head with openmap and would appreciate any help.


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