[OpenMap Users] VPF Layers From Physical Memory

From: Nathan Gewecke <nathan.gewecke_at_3phoenix.com>
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 16:49:22 -0400

Hello all,

I have an issue with what I am trying to do, which is read the VPF layers from Physical Memory or the OS Virtual memory after loading them into physical memory at initialization of the program, specifically WVS. I have set up a way to access the file in memory via a "Virtual Directory" which holds all of the binary data in bytes in a MappedByteBuffer. I then have set up a Flag in the properties file to allow the user to change between using the file in memory or the actual files on disk, using this flag I have altered the BinaryFile to read from a class, MemoryStoredBinaryFile, that mimics the calls from FileInputReader. These calls use the MappedByteBuffer readers get() realitive methods.

Heres where my issue is when Openmap reads from the MemoryStoredBinaryFile along the way something happens and one of the BinaryBufferFiles trys to call about 1,700,000,000 bytes from a file that is only 696 bytes long. The file its calling from is a CoverageTable typeish file... not entirely sure what it is. But the program calls on this file several times before it trys to get about 2 billion bytes from it. Subsequently it gives me an error, ArrayOutofBoundsException.

I had an idea to basically just move where I mimic to the BinaryFile or BinaryBufferFile level, like if the flag is set to read from memory then it would read from something other than a BinaryFile. As right now I am using BinaryFile as sort of an upward filter. Would this help at all?

Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Nathan Gewecke
Software Engineer Intern
3 Phoenix Inc.

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