[OpenMap Users] Troubles with .dbf and Vmap

From: TRAN Jerome <jerome.tran_at_c-s.fr>
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 11:01:07 +0200


I am using openMap to display meteorological data on screen. And.. i got
some troubles,

- I managed to display some shapefiles (polygon type) and access their
fields. It was pretty easy to set up and it gives great results (that's
why i choose openmap). But when i try to use "point type" shapefiles, i
got these errors :

*** ERROR ***
DbfInputStream: error parsing column 0, row 1, expected number and got

*** ERROR ***
DbfInputStream: error parsing column 1, row 1, expected number and got

*** ERROR ***
DbfInputStream: error parsing column 5, row 5, expected number and got
...about 20 messages like that.

It happens when i instanciate my DbfInputStream.

When i display this kind of shapefiles, there is no problems but when i
try to access the data inside the shapefile, i always got some
empty/null fields and it seems that some fields are bad located/missing
(got some crazy values sometimes).

Is this a know bug ? Is there a way to open these shapefiles properly ?
Because i can open these .shp without any problem with arcExplorer.

- I'd like to open VMAP level 1 data and display its content on screen
(put it in a Layer), can you give me some informations on how to do it ?
vpflayer ? vmap2shape ?

Thank you,

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