Re: [OpenMap Users] Here is my PostGIS layer, please help.

From: JR Andreassen <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 10:42:10 -0500

 I should have waited a few minutes before I posted.
I think maybe it was a numeric conversion error..
Dump the array of Lat/Long points, and the OpenMap Radian points and see
where they are off
If you turn on the Lat/Lon lines, maybe the points go to (0.0,0.0) ???
   Hope it helps...
      JR wrote:

>Using a similar approach as seen in the MySQL layer and by
>heavily copying from the postgis JDBC driver source code I have coded
>this PostGIS layer.
>It *seems* to work well, but I have a strange
>problem and I'd like you to review my code (and use it if you find it
>useful! I saw postings asking for such a layer but nobody ever
>contributed the code, well I tried...)
>THe problem is that I see many
>"rays" focused on one point departing from the features.
>If it was some
>problem in the dataset I should see it also in other programs, but
>using the great and free Quantum GIS I see the layer perfectly.
>attach the source code and three images, the first two how my layer
>renders, and the third one how Quantum GIS renders.
>I hope someone can
>find out what I made wrong. Thanks!

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