[OpenMap Users] Changing font when displaying CSV-generated location names

From: Martin Pröhl <martin.proehl_at_gmx.net>
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 20:39:00 +0200

I'm currently trying to change the font of the text displayed when
reading cities from a csv-file. The methods that are provided in
CSVLocationHandler.class are only designed to change color and line
thickness but not changing the font. The default value of
Font("SansSerif", java.awt.Font.PLAIN, 12); is always used and cannot be
changed from my point of view.
As far as i figured out this should be only possible when changing the line

label = new OMText(lat, lon, xOffset, yOffset, name, OMText.JUSTIFY_LEFT);

in Location.class but the method is not designed to hand over a font-value.

Since i dont want to change the code unless i have to to, i'm wondering
if theres another way but i dont see any way to change the attribute of
Font used in OMText.class from my focus in CSVLocationHandler.


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