[OpenMap Users] GeoCoordTransformation comments

From: Tore Halset <halset_at_pvv.ntnu.no>
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 14:13:28 +0200


I am looking at com.bbn.openmap.proj.coords.GeoCoordTransformation
and how it matches my WMS work.

  * There should be a simple LatLonCT implementing
  * GeoCoordTransformation.forward should not return java.awt.Point,
but java.awt.geom.Point2D as int is just too little precision.
Perhaps not for UTM, but GeoCoordTransformation should be able to
handle other units like latlon.
  * UTMGCT.forward seem to use UTMPoint.LLtoUTM that recalc zone
number based on incoming lat lon values. It should be possible to
create a UTMGCT that works only on a specific UTM zone. Example of
how this can be done can be seen in my patch to UTMPoint and my
UTMCoordinateConverter. Both sent to this list.
  * There should be a way to get a GeoCoordTransformation instance
based on an EPSG type code. Take a look at my
CoordinateReferenceSystem.getForCode(String) that does ca that.

  - Tore.

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