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From: Gao David <>
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Thanks for the advice Jay.

I tried the approach you recommended, but the isHighlightable() is still not being called. Apparently I'm still missing something.

On the plus side, I was able to resolve my previous issues with mouse events. I can now capture all of the mouse events and handle them in All that remains is the tooltip issue I'm still experiencing.


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OMGraphicsHandlerLayer actually has tool tips built into it. Just
override isHighlightable to be true and override
getToolTipTextFor(OmGraphic). For more info, and some other useful
methods to override see this post:






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I seem to be a little confused with the mouse event mechanism in

I've got a layer ( that extends OMGraphicsHandlerLayer and
another class ( that extends StandardMapMouseListener. I've
override the getMouseModeServiceList() and mouseClicked() in I
then created an instance of SM inside my MapLayer class and called
setMouseEventInterpreter. Lastly I use the mapHandler defined in my
MapFrame class to add the SelectMouseMode object.

When I fired up the app, none of the mouse event registered. What am I
doing wrong? My intention is to have a tooltip show up when a user hover
the mouse over an OMGraphic object.


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