[OpenMap Users] Setting Visibility of Terrain Data Layers

From: Marc A Criley <Marc_A_Criley-NR_at_raytheon.com>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 10:22:36 -0600

I want to give users the opportunity to change the type of terrain data
they want to view,
so far either ESRI shape data or DTED. Right now the terrain data is
controlled by a command
line option that initializes the map with one format or the other. This
works perfectly fine.

Here's excerpts from the relevant parts:

// Set up the projection:

MapBean mapBean = mapPanel.getMapBean();

if (dtedRequested) {
        mapBean.setProjection(new CADRG(new LatLonPoint(defaultLat,
                                defaultLon), 1500000.0F, mapWidth,
} else {
        mapBean.setProjection(new Orthographic(new LatLonPoint(defaultLat,
                                defaultLon), 1500000.0F, mapWidth,

// DTED Terrain display
dtedLayer = new DTEDLayer(dtedPaths) {
        public synchronized MapMouseListener getMapMouseListener() {
                return mapConsoleMouseListener;

// ESRI Shape Terrain display
esriShapeLayer = new ShapeLayer() {
        public synchronized MapMouseListener getMapMouseListener() {
                return mapConsoleMouseListener;

Properties esriShapeLayerProps = new Properties();

   // Various properties setting, not particular to this question...


Like I said, this all sets up and runs just fine with dtedRequested coming
in as either true or false.

Now what I _thought_ I could do, to change formats, was just change the
projection, since DTED requires CADRG and then call the layers'

public void setTerrainFormat(TerrainFormats terrainFormat) {
        MapBean mapBean = mapPanel.getMapBean();
        float currentScale = mapBean.getScale();
        LatLonPoint currentLoc = new LatLonPoint(mapBean.getCenter());

        // Hide all terrain layers, so that only the selected one gets
        // back on.

        switch (terrainFormat) {
        case ESRI_SHAPE:
                mapBean.setProjection(new Orthographic(currentLoc,
                                mapWidth, mapHeight));
        case DTED:
                mapBean.setProjection(new CADRG(currentLoc, currentScale,

What happens though when I invoke setTerrainFormat is the terrain data
simply disappears,
i.e. the setVisible(false) calls seems to take effect, but the selected
layer doesn't get
shown by setVisible(true).

Maybe I'm missing something fundamental here, since I've haven't been
using OpenMap for
very long, but it's doing a great job with meeting the needs, and I
haven't really run
into any roadblocks yet.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Marc A. Criley
Member, Senior Technical Staff
Cohesion Force, Inc.

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