[OpenMap Users] MapBean setCenter and OMGraphic select

From: Graham, John <j.graham_at_ngc.com>
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 22:25:32 -0600

Calling select() on an OMGraphic doesn't seem to work after calling mapBean.setCenter. Let me elaborate.
I wrote a find utility to hilight a specific shape in an esri shapefile (the user picks which shape by name from a tree). This works fine, but to improve things, I want to center the map on the item that is found.
Here is a simplified version of my find method:
    public void findObject(String shapeName, Point2D shapeCenter)
      // this is the line that causes difficulty
      //getMapBean().setCenter((float)shapeCenter.getX(), (float)shapeCenter.getY());
      OMGraphicList omgraphics = (OMGraphicList) getList();

      Color c = new Color(255, 255, 0);
      BasicStroke thickStroke = new BasicStroke(5.0f);
      BasicStroke normalStroke = new BasicStroke();
      if (omgraphics != null)
        // turn off any previous border highlighting
         Iterator iter = omgraphics.iterator();
        while (iter.hasNext())
         OMGraphic graphic = (OMGraphic)iter.next();
         Object obj = graphic.getAppObject();
         if (obj.toString().equals(shapeName))
In this example, the found shape borders are hilighted by a thick yellow-gold line. But if I uncomment the call to setCenter, the map gets centered properly, but the shape does not get hilighted. MapBean::setCenter is just a convienence for Proj::setCenter, so I don't know why this would affect the abiloty to hilight the OMGraphic.
Any ideas?
John Graham

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