[OpenMap Users] Problem with rendering icons

From: <theodore.wong_at_comcast.net>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 17:39:06 +0000


I'm tying to mysql with gis extensions and having difficult rendering the gif file - airport -
that I choose for testing. I've put output statements to trace where it fails. In MysqlGeometryLayer, the query statement with the polygon of the rectangle returns the
correct set of records but it never renders.

In the openmap.properties file, I've setup:


The three lines below were left blank, I didn't find examples for the
          color, width and fill. So, I left them blank.
  mygeo.lineColor=&ltColor for lines&gtDefault is red
  mygeo.lineWidth=&ltPixel width of lines&gtDefault is 0
  mygeo.fillColor=&ltColor of fill&gtDefault is red

Could this be causing the problem?

Also, I would like to use the "com.bbn.openmap.tools.symbology.milStd2525".
It appears that I can insert the symbology file name into mysql db and over ride
the default mygeo.pointSymbol=data/icons/airport.gif. Is the the correct approach?



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