Re: [OpenMap Users] RPF Dispaly Problem

From: Don Dietrick <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 19:10:44 -0500


On Jan 28, 2008, at 11:57 AM, wrote:

> Content preview: Hello Users, I am relatively new to OpenMap. I am
> using version
> 4.6.3 to plot omgraphics via Drag&Drop operations from tree nodes
> to an extended
> OMGraphicHandlerLayer. I have two problems. 1) I am unable to
> display CADRG
> on my RpfLayer. I searched the archives extensively and found a
> thread
> that describes my experience EXACTLY. I followed the thread but
> never found
> a solution. NOTE: The first time I implemented the RpfLayer the
> CADRG images
> displayed (one time and one time only). Thereafter I have
> experienced the
> same issues described in the above link. (Can only show the yellow
> coverage
> rectangle). I have used the RpfUtil to build and verify A.TOC,
> Changed data
> sets, and followed all the suggestions and instructions in the
> above Link
> - to no avail.

What kind of data are you trying to display? Can you send me a file
listing from the RPF directory?

The rectangle is the coverage tool, you can make that go away by
turning it off in the palette. If the colors for the coverage tool
aren't transparent, then you won't be able to see the charts
underneath. Sometimes the coverage rectangle defined in the A.TOC
file is a lot larger than the actual data. So you might have to
search a little bit, with better luck occurring at the scale that
matches your data.

> 2) I need to instantiate separate instances of my OpenMap
> frame per user selected scenario. The scenario (treeNode) is in a
> split panel
> adjacent to the openMap frame. I have extended my classes to
> remove static
> references and instantiate new Frame, including the Layer ,Mapbean
> and OmGraphicList,
> however a drop to any instance of the layer results in the
> graphics displaying
> in all the instances of the extended OMGraphicHandlerLayer TIA for
> any assistance.

You might want to use a different BasicMapPanels set in several
Frames, if I'm understanding what you are trying to do. I'm not sure
I understand what the problem is with your layer showing up in
multiple places, though. Do you have some more detail on what your
configuration is?


- Don

Don Dietrick,
BBN Technologies, Cambridge MA

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