Package com.bbn.openmap.dataAccess.mapTile

Interface Summary
EmptyTileHandler An EmptyTileHandler is a class that helps the MapTileFactory figure out what to do with non-existent map tiles.
MapTileCoordinateTransform The TileCoordinateTransform is an object that knows how to translate lat/lon coordinates to UV tile coordinates for map tiles.
MapTileFactory An object that fetches tiles for a given projection.
MapTileRequester An interface for a Class that makes requests from a MapTileFactory, and may provide intermittent status updates on whether to continue work or update the current fetched tiles.
TileImagePreparer TODO: Describe the TileImagePreparer interface class here.

Class Summary
AbstractMapTileCoordinateTransform An abstraction of MapTileCoordinateTransform that combines the identical methods of OSM and TMS MapTileCoordinateTransforms.
DebugMapTileFactory A simple MapTileFactory that returns empty tiles with labels showing zoom level and x, y coords, and borders.
GoogleMapTileFactory The GoogleMapTileFactory is a simple example of how to customize a MapTileFactory to contact other services.
GreyscaleImagePreparer Creates Grey-scale map tile images.
KMLTileGridMaker Creates a KML grid file for import into Google Earth.
KMLTileGridMaker.Builder Use this class to run the KMLTileGridMake.
MapTileMaker The MapTileMaker is an ImageServer extension that knows how to create image tile sets, like the kind of tiles used by Google Maps and OpenStreetMap, Tile Map Service (TMS).
MapTileMakerComponent The MapTileMakerComponent is a GUI for creating properties that the MapTileMaker uses to create tiles.
MapTileUtil A utility class to help manage tile trees.
MapTileUtil.Action A generic builder Action that handles most configuration issues for the MapTileUtil.
MapTileUtil.Copy Action that copies tiles from one directory to another.
MapTileUtil.Jar Action that creates a jar file containing the specified files.
MapTileUtil.URLGrabber A Builder that knows how to download files from a website.
OSMMapTileCoordinateTransform The implementation of TileCoordinateTransformation for OpenStreetMap tile coordinate layout.
ServerMapTileFactory The ServerMapTileFactory is an extension to the StandardMapTileFactory that can go to a http server to retrieve image tiles.
ShpFileEmptyTileHandler Uses a Shape file to figure out if a tile is over water or over land, so the proper color is used for an empty tile.
SimpleEmptyTileHandler An EmptyTileHandler that uses DrawingAttributes to create a rectangle to fill in for empty tiles.
StandardImagePreparer This is the standard map tile preparer, setting up the factory with ARGB images.
StandardMapTileFactory The StandardImageTileFactory is a TileFactory implementation that retrieves image tiles from local storage.
TileGrabber Utility class that fetches tiles from a http source.
TileMillMapTileFactory The TileMillMapTileFactory is an extension to the StandardMapTileFactory that can read image tiles stored in a mbtiles file, which is the export format from the TileMill application.
TMSMapTileCoordinateTransform The implementation of TileCoordinateTransformation for Tile Map Service (TMS) tile coordinate notations.
WholeWorldTileHandler The WholeWorldTileHandler is a special EmptyTileHandler that manages a special set of jar files containing tiles that cover the entire earth.
WholeWorldTileHandler.Builder The builder class takes a map tile directory and creates a set of jars from it, divided so that the WholeWorldTileHandler can deal with it.
ZoomLevelInfo The ZoomLevelInfo class is used by the TileMaker and handles how tiles are defined and created for a particular zoom level.
ZoomLevelMaker The ZoomLevelInfo class is used by the TileMaker and handles how tiles are defined and created for a particular zoom level.
ZoomLevelMakerFace A class that visually manages the settings for a ZoomLevelInfo object.

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