Interface GeoRegion

All Superinterfaces:
GeoExtent, GeoPath
All Known Implementing Classes:
GeoIntersectionLayer.OMPolyRegion, GeoRegion.Impl, OMGeo.Polygon

public interface GeoRegion
extends GeoPath

An arbitrary space described in terms of Geo objects. GeoRegions are assumed to be closed paths representing areas.

Nested Class Summary
static class GeoRegion.Impl
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface com.bbn.openmap.geo.GeoPath
GeoPath.PointIterator, GeoPath.SegmentIterator
Method Summary
 boolean isPointInside(Geo point)
          Is the Geo inside the region?
Methods inherited from interface com.bbn.openmap.geo.GeoPath
getPoints, isSegmentNear, length, pointIterator, segmentIterator
Methods inherited from interface com.bbn.openmap.geo.GeoExtent
getBoundingCircle, getID

Method Detail


boolean isPointInside(Geo point)
Is the Geo inside the region?

point -
true if point is inside region.

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