Package com.bbn.openmap.layer.rpf

Provides a layer that displays RPF (Raster Product Format) data.


Interface Summary
RpfConstants The properties and constants used for RPF data and RPF Coverages.
RpfFrameProvider The RpfFrameProvider describes an interface to an object that can provide information about RPF coverage over a certain area, and also retrieve data from the RPF frame files.

Class Summary
ChangeCase ChangeCase is a simple class that traverses a file system tree and converts the contents to upper ot lower case letters, depending on the options provided.
MakeToc This is a class that will generate A.TOC files that the RpfLayer requires.
RpfAttributes This class knows how to read the attribute section of an RPF file.
RpfCacheHandler The RpfCacheHandler handles everything to do with the decompressed subframes, which is what gets put up on the screen.
RpfCacheHandler.SubframeCache The entire subframe cache
RpfCacheManager The RpfCacheManager is the object you need if you want to retrieve RPF files.
RpfColortable Set up the colors used in creating the images.
RpfCoverage This is a tool that provides coverage information on the Rpf data.
RpfCoverageBox The RpfCoverageBox describes the coverage provided by a RpfTocEntry within a table of contents file.
RpfCoverageManager This is an object that provides coverage information on the Rpf data.
RpfDataPathWanderer Adds RPF directories with a A.TOC file inside them to the data paths.
RpfFileSearch This class rummages through a file structure looking for RPF files.
RpfFileSections The class to use to get the locations of different sections of the RPF files.
RpfFrame The object that organizes the information found within the RPF frame file.
RpfFrameCacheHandler The RpfFrameCacheHandler does everything involved with handling RAW RPF frames.
RpfFrameEntry The RpfFrameEntry is a description of a RPF frame file that can be used to quickly gain status about the frame.
RpfHeader Reads the part of the RpfFrame that gives a basic location map to the locations of the file.
RpfLayer The RpfLayer fills the screen with RPF data.
RpfSubframe The RpfSubframe is a holder for images and attributes within the cache.
RpfTocEntry Reads and holds an entry in the RPF table of contents file.
RpfTocHandler The RpfTocHandler knows how to read A.TOC files for RPF raster data.
RpfUtil The RpfUtil is a program that will allow you to manage RPF data geographically.
RpfViewAttributes This class contains information to pass through the RpfCacheManager and RpfCacheHandlers to describe limitations and parameters desired for data view.

Enum Summary
RpfProductInfo Contains basic information about the different map and imagery types supported by the RPF format.

Exception Summary
MakeTocException An exception that gets thrown if there is a problem with the A.TOC file is getting created from MakeToc.

Package com.bbn.openmap.layer.rpf Description

Provides a layer that displays RPF (Raster Product Format) data.

The javadoc for the RpfLayer has a description of the properties the layer uses.

Copyright (C) BBNT Solutions LLC; See for details