Package com.bbn.openmap.layer.vpf

This package contains code for dealing with NIMA data distributed in Vector Product Format.


Interface Summary
Constants This class provides numerous string constants (typically column names for VPF tables) from the VPF Specification.
CoordTupleString Describe a common schema for accessing either double or float based coordinate tuple strings (arrays of tuples).
GeoSymAttExpression.Expression The Expression interface allows for the recursive queries of Connectors and Value/CompareExpressions.
TerminatingRunnable Classes that implement this interface are Runnable (in the Thread sense), but have run() methods that will terminate in a bounded amount of time.
TilingAdapter An interface class for a set of adapter classes that hide the tiling format of a VPF table.
VPFFeatureInfoHandler An object the VPFFeatureLayer can use to manage how attribute information is displayed for OMGraphics representing the feature.
VPFFeatureWarehouse Define an interface for a Graphic Factory for graphics read from VPF.
VPFGraphicWarehouse Define an interface for a Graphic Factory for graphics read from VPF.
VPFWarehouse Define an interface for a Graphic Factory for graphics read from VPF.

Class Summary
AreaTable Read VPF format edge, face, and ring tables to generate filled polygon graphics for OpenMap.
CoordDoubleString Encapsulate the VPF Double Coordinate String primitive datatype.
CoordFloatString Encapsulate the VPF Float Coordinate String primitive datatype.
CoverageAttributeTable Handle the library level VPF directory.
CoverageAttributeTable.CoverageEntry A utility class to hold information about one coverage type.
CoverageTable Encapsulate a VPF coverage directory.
CoverageTable.FeatureClassRec Feature Type Information read from VPF fca files.
DcwColumnInfo Encapsulate the information about a particular column in a vpf table.
DcwCrossTileID Encapsulate the VPF Cross-Tile identifier primitive datatype.
DcwRecordFile Read and encapsulate VPF table files.
DcwSpatialIndex Read a VPF spatial index file.
DcwSpatialIndex.PrimitiveRecord A class that wraps an entry in the spatial index.
DcwThematicIndex Read a VPF thematic index file.
DcwThematicIndex.IndexRecord A utility class used to record index records.
DcwVariableLengthIndexFile Read in a VPF variable length index file, and allows access to individual records.
DescribeDB This class will print out some basic information about a VPF database.
EdgeTable Read VPF format edge tables to generate polyline graphics for OpenMap.
FeatureCacheGraphicList The FeatureCacheGraphicList is an extended OMGraphicList that knows what types of VPF features it holds.
FeatureClassInfo This class wraps a feature type file (potext.tft, polbndl.lft, etc) from VPF.
FeatureDrawingAttributes The FeatureDrawingAttributes class is used by the VPFFeatureGraphicWarehouse to control the fetching and display of feature attributes out of the feature attribute file, controlled by the FeatureClassInfo class.
GenerateVPFProperties This class will print out some basic information about a VPF database, suitable for inclusion into the file.
GeoSymAttExpression This parser class takes a string representing a logic statement and parses it into objects that can be used for evaluating attributes of features.
GeoSymAttExpression.ColumnExpression A ColumnExpression is the comparison of an FCI column value against another column value.
GeoSymAttExpression.Connector Connector class is the part of the expression that contains the logic operation, AND, OR, and and or.
GeoSymAttExpression.ECDISExpression The ECDISExpression checks the warehouse for user set values when evaluating.
GeoSymAttExpression.StringExpression The ECDISExpression checks the warehouse for user set values when evaluating.
GeoSymAttExpression.ValueExpression The ValueExpression is a comparison of a FCI value to a numerical value.
LayerGraphicWarehouseSupport Implement a graphic factory that builds OMGraphics.
LibraryBean A bean to be used for sharing LibrarySelectionTable objects between instances of VPFLayer.
LibrarySelectionTable Reads the VPF LibraryAttribute table and constructs CoverageAttributeTables for each of the library coverages (north america, browse, etc) that exist.
MutableInt Implement a wrapper class to allow mutable ints.
NodeTable Read VPF format node tables to generate point graphics for OpenMap.
PrimitiveTable Parent class for reading VPF primitive tables.
RunQueue Implement a very basic thread scheduling mechanism.
Server Poorly named, this class just parses VPF format files and dumps them to System.out().
TextTable Read VPF format text tables to generate text graphics for OpenMap.
TileDirectory This class maps latitudes and longitudes to a particular tile directory.
TilingAdapter.CrossTileAdapter A TilingAdapter for tiled data where the primitive column is a cross-tile identifier.
TilingAdapter.TiledAdapter A TilingAdapter where the tile identifier is retrieved from the tile_id column, and the primitive identifier comes from a numeric column.
TilingAdapter.UntiledAdapter A TilingAdapter for untiled data.
TTFeatureInfoHandler A feature info handler that displays attribute information as an html formatted tooltip.
VMAP2Shape Convert NIMA VMAP geospatial data into ESRI shapefile format.
VPFAutoFeatureGraphicWarehouse Implement a graphic factory that builds OMGraphics from VPF.
VPFAutoFeatureGraphicWarehouse.FeaturePriorityHolder A FeaturePriorityHolder represents a rendering order slot in a list of feature types to be rendered.
VPFAutoFeatureGraphicWarehouse.FeaturePriorityHolder.Compound A Compound FeaturePriorityHolder is used for buoys and other features that have parts added to their representation based on their feature attributes.
VPFCachedFeatureGraphicWarehouse The VPFFeatureGraphicWarehouse extension that knows how to use a VPFFeatureCache.
VPFConfig A component that can look at the VPF configuration files at the top level of the VPF directory structure, and provide an interface for defining an OpenMap VPFLayer for chosen features.
VPFFeatureCache The VPFFeatureCache is an extended CacheHandler that caches OMGraphicLists representing a specific feature contained in a CoverageTile.
VPFFeatureCache.VPFListCacheObject CacheObject used by VPFFeatureCache.
VPFFeatureGraphicWarehouse Implement a graphic factory that builds OMGraphics.
VPFFeatureLayer The VPFFeaureLayer renders VPF data with features being rendered in the order and style specified by the GeoSym specification.
VPFLayer Implement an OpenMap Layer for display of NIMA data sources in the VPF (Mil-Std 2407) format.
VPFLayerDCWWarehouse Implement a graphic factory that builds OMGraphics.
VPFLayerGraphicWarehouse Implement a graphic factory that builds OMGraphics.
VPFRoadLayer Imposes a road layer on the VPF layer.
VPFUtil Miscellaneous utility functions in dealing with VPF data.

Package com.bbn.openmap.layer.vpf Description

This package contains code for dealing with NIMA data distributed in Vector Product Format. (Mil-Std 2407)

The javadoc for the VPFLayer has a description of the properties the layer uses.

See Also:
DescribeDB, Server, VPFLayer, LibrarySelectionTable

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