Class EditableOMAbstractLine

  extended by com.bbn.openmap.event.MapMouseAdapter
      extended by com.bbn.openmap.omGraphics.EditableOMGraphic
          extended by com.bbn.openmap.omGraphics.EditableOMAbstractLine
All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
EditableOMLine, EditableOMPoly

public abstract class EditableOMAbstractLine
extends EditableOMGraphic

The EditableOMAbstractLine encompasses an OMAbstractLine, providing a mechanism for adding an arrowhead menu in the line editor menu.

Nested Class Summary
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Field Summary
protected  javax.swing.JMenu arrowheadMenu
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actionMask, canGrabGraphic, DEBUG, DEBUG_DETAIL, gPoints, GRAB_POINT_DRAWING_ATTRIBUTES_ATTRIBUTE, holder, i18n, lastMouseEvent, listeners, mouseModeServiceList, movingPoint, popupIsUp, projection, SELECTED_GRAB_POINT_DRAWING_ATTRIBUTES_ATTRIBUTE, showGUI, stateMachine, undoStack, xorRendering
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 javax.swing.ImageIcon createArrowIcon(java.awt.BasicStroke stroke, int width, int height, int arrowHeadType)
          Given some arrowhead parameters, create an ImageIcon that shows it.
 javax.swing.JMenu getArrowHeadMenu()
 java.awt.Component getGUI(GraphicAttributes graphicAttributes)
          If this EditableOMGraphic has parameters that can be manipulated that are independent of other EditableOMGraphic types, then you can provide the widgets to control those parameters here.
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_getMovingPoint, addEOMGListener, attachToMovingGrabPoint, cleanMap, createAttributePanel, createGraphic, createUndoEventForCurrentState, detachFromMovingGrabPoint, finalize, fireEvent, fireEvent, fireEvent, fireEvent, generate, getActionMask, getCanGrabGraphic, getGrabPoint, getGrabPoints, getGraphic, getGUI, getMouseModeServiceList, getMovingPoint, getMovingPoint, getProjection, getProjectionPoint, getShowGUI, getStateMachine, getUndoStack, handleInitialMouseEvent, isMouseEventTouching, isMouseEventTouchingTheEdge, isPopupIsUp, isXorRendering, modifyOMGraphicForEditRender, mouseClicked, mouseDragged, mouseEntered, mouseExited, mouseMoved, mouseMoved, mousePressed, mouseReleased, move, redraw, redraw, redraw, regenerate, removeEOMGListener, render, repaint, repaintRender, reset, resetOMGraphicAfterEditRender, setActionMask, setCanGrabGraphic, setGrabPoint, setGrabPoints, setGrabPoints, setGraphic, setMouseModeServiceList, setMovingPoint, setPopupIsUp, setProjection, setShowGUI, setStateMachine, setUndoStack, setXorRendering, updateCurrentState
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Field Detail


protected javax.swing.JMenu arrowheadMenu
Constructor Detail


public EditableOMAbstractLine()
Method Detail


public java.awt.Component getGUI(GraphicAttributes graphicAttributes)
Description copied from class: EditableOMGraphic
If this EditableOMGraphic has parameters that can be manipulated that are independent of other EditableOMGraphic types, then you can provide the widgets to control those parameters here. By default, returns the GraphicAttributes GUI widgets. If you don't want a GUI to appear when a widget is being created/edited, then don't call this method from the EditableOMGraphic implementation, and return a null Component from getGUI.

getGUI in class EditableOMGraphic
graphicAttributes - the GraphicAttributes that could be used to get the GUI widget from to control those parameters for this EOMG. The GraphicAttributes used to provide the GUI widget, but it doesn't anymore. Subclasses can take this opportunity to reset the GraphicAttributes interface for a new OMGraphic.
Component to use to control parameters for this EOMG, generally a JPanel with a toolbar.


public javax.swing.JMenu getArrowHeadMenu()


public javax.swing.ImageIcon createArrowIcon(java.awt.BasicStroke stroke,
                                             int width,
                                             int height,
                                             int arrowHeadType)
Given some arrowhead parameters, create an ImageIcon that shows it.

stroke - the BasicStroke to draw on the Icon.
width - the width of the icon.
height - the height of the icon.
arrowHeadType - -1 for no arrowhead, use the OMArrowHead directions for other versions.

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