Uses of Class

Packages that use OMSpline
com.bbn.openmap.omGraphics Provides geographically based graphics classes. 
com.bbn.openmap.omGraphics.labeled Provides a simple extension to the OMGraphics, where a text string can be attached to a graphic object. 

Uses of OMSpline in com.bbn.openmap.omGraphics

Subclasses of OMSpline in com.bbn.openmap.omGraphics
 class OMDecoratedSpline
          A decorated splined OMPoly.

Constructors in com.bbn.openmap.omGraphics with parameters of type OMSpline
EditableOMDecoratedSpline(OMSpline omp)
EditableOMSpline(OMSpline omp)

Uses of OMSpline in com.bbn.openmap.omGraphics.labeled

Subclasses of OMSpline in com.bbn.openmap.omGraphics.labeled
 class LabeledOMSpline
          LabeledOMSpline Copied from LabeledOMPoly, because both OMSpline and LabeledOMPoly inherits from OMPoly

Uses of OMSpline in com.bbn.openmap.omGraphics.meteo

Subclasses of OMSpline in com.bbn.openmap.omGraphics.meteo
 class OMColdSurfaceFront
 class OMHotSurfaceFront
          OMHotSurfaceFront Just need to init the decorations.
 class OMOcclusion
          OMOcclusion Just need to init the decorations.

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