Package com.bbn.openmap

The com.bbn.openmap package contains the core OpenMap classes.


Interface Summary
I18n Interface for Internationalization support in Openamp.
LightMapHandlerChild The LightMapHandlerChild is an interface for an object that can be managed by a MapHandlerChild, and notified of changes in the MapHandler via that managing object.
MapBeanRepaintPolicy A MapBeanRepaintPolicy is a policy object that makes decisions on how a MapBean handles repaint requests from a layer.
ProjectionPainter The ProjectionPainter interface is intended for objects that can manage graphics and draw them into a Java Graphics object.
PropertyConsumer A PropertyConsumer is an interface defining an object that is configured by a Properties object, containing property keys and values that is expected by it.
SoloMapComponent This interface is simply a way to mark a class as something that should only exist once within a MapHandler.
SoloMapComponentPolicy An interface to control the behavior of the BeanContext when duplicate SoloMapComponents are added to it.

Class Summary
BasicI18n Basic implementation of internationalization support.
BufferedLayerMapBean The BufferedLayerMapBean is a BufferedMapBean with an additional image buffer that holds Layers designated as background layers.
BufferedMapBean The BufferedMapBean extends the MapBean by adding (you guessed it) buffering.
Environment An Environment is a set of property lists that together specify the runtime environment for this process.
HintsMapBeanRepaintPolicy The class lets you set RenderingHints on the MapBean, to set anti-aliasing, etc.
InformationDelegator The InformationDelegator manages the display of information requested by Layers and other map components.
Layer Layer objects are components which can be added to the MapBean to make a map.
LayerHandler The LayerHandler is a component that keeps track of all Layers for the MapBean, whether or not they are currently part of the map or not.
MapBean The MapBean is the main component of the OpenMap Development Kit.
MapHandler The MapHandler is an extension of the BeanContextServicesSupport, with the added capability of being able to set the policy on handling SoloMapComponents.
MapHandlerChild MapHandlerChild shows you all the methods you need to add to an object for it be a good member of the MapHandler.
MoreMath MoreMath provides functions that are not part of the standard Math class.
MouseDelegator The MouseDelegator manages the MapMouseModes that handle MouseEvents on the map.
OMComponent A OMComponent is an OpenMap component that does two basic things: it is a MapHandlerChild, so it knows how to use the MapHandler to find other components it needs, and it is a PropertyConsumer, so it can be configured by a set of Properties.
PropertyHandler The PropertyHandler object is the organizer of properties, looking for settings on how to configure OpenMap components.
PropertyHandler.Builder This Builder class lets you have more control over how a PropertyHandler is constructed.
SoloMapComponentRejectPolicy A SoloMapComponentPolicy that rejects attempts to add a duplicate SoloMapComponent to the BeanContext.
SoloMapComponentReplacePolicy A SoloMapComponentPolicy that senses duplicate SoloMapComponents compared to the new object, removing the previous object before advising addition.
StandardMapBeanRepaintPolicy A MapBeanRepaintPolicy that just forwards layer repaint requests normally, and does nothing for java.awt.Graphics before painting.

Exception Summary
MultipleSoloMapComponentException An Exception indicating that an attempt was made to add a duplicate SoloMapComponent to BeanContext.

Package com.bbn.openmap Description

The com.bbn.openmap package contains the core OpenMap classes. The classes in this package provide the main map management functionality of OpenMap.

The main mapping window is the MapBean, which is a JComponent. It contains Layers, each layer providing a thematic overlay to the map. There is a buffered version of the MapBean called the BufferedMapBean.

The other main component is the MapHandler. The MapHandler is an extended BeanContext, and can be thought of as the widget holding to all the components that make up a map. As a BeanContext, the MapHandler keeps a handle to any object that is put in it, providing access to all components of the map. Any component can be added to the MapHandler. Any component added to the MapHandler that is a BeanContextMembershipListener will be automatically notified when any component is added or removed from the MapHandler. See the MapHandlerChild abstract class for more information about creating a class that uses the MapHandler to locate other needed components.

The extensions to the MapHandler that separate it from a regular BeanContext really center on the notion that some components can implement the SoloMapComponent interface. SoloMapComponents classes are objects where only one instance of them can be found in a MapHandler. The SoloMapComponentPolicy assigned to the MapHandler lets it know what to do when a duplicate instance of a SoloMapComponent is given to the MapHandler - either rejection or replacement are the only options currently provided.

Other components of real interest are:

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