[OpenMap Users] Declutter method

From: Christian Weaves <christian.weaves_at_fugro-robertson.com>
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 12:21:11 +0100

Does anybody know when the decluttering method
OMGraphic.setDeclutterType(int value) will be implemented? Has anybody
started working on this?

I would try and tackle it myself but it looks far too complicated ;)


Decluttering is not supported by OpenMap yet. But, when it is, these
parameters will describe the way the object is manipulated on the window
relative to its neighbors. DECLUTTERTYPE_NONE means the object will be
drawn where its attributes say it should be. DECLUTTERTYPE_SPACE
indicates that the window space of the object should be marked as taken,
but the object should not be moved. DECLUTTERTYPE_MOVE means the object
should be moved to the nearest open location closest to the position
indicated by its attributes. DECLUTTERTYPE_LINE is the same as MOVE, but
in addition, a line is drawn from the current position to its original

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