[OpenMap Users] BasicLocation showName / label problem

From: Sameer Maggon <maggon_at_gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2004 08:53:12 -0700


I am using OpenMap (EarthPluginLayer) and have my own LocationHandler
subclassed from AbstractLocationHandler. I am drawing some objects on
my custom layer (subclassed from LocationLayer), using BasicLocation.
During initialization, I have done

        chimeObjectLayer.setDeclutterMatrix(new DeclutterMatrix());

The problem is that I cannot see the labels / names on my layer. I am
passing OMRaster in BasicLocation along with all the other parameters.
Also, just after the creation of the Location object, I tried print
getLabel and name and it gives me the corrent results, but I cannot
see anything on the map (I can see my icons but no text).

Am I doing something wrong?

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