[OpenMap Users] 2 small bugs: enable tooltip and OpenMapAppPartCollection

From: chris van lith <chrisvanlith_at_b3partners.nl>
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2004 13:08:42 +0200

Hello List and Don,
I probably found two small bugs.
1. Enable tooltip
When requestHideToolTip() is fired in the InformationDelegator also the
tooltips of the other buttons cease to function. My solution is to add
after initToolTip(); where the tooltip is cleared.
2. OpenMapAppPartCollection
The UL_LR_LINE part has its array mixed up (now it does not show), it should
public final static OpenMapAppPart UL_LR_LINE = new OpenMapAppPart(
        "UL_LR_LINE", "UL_LR_LINE", new int[] {10, 90}, new int[] {10, 90});

Hope this helps.
Kind regards

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