[OpenMap Users] Problem with DrawingTool et al.

From: Rubén Ruiz <vinilo_at_cancerbero.org>
Date: Sat, 2 Oct 2004 18:20:06 +0200


Hi all,


I’ve a pair of problems, I hope some of you can put me in the right
direction to get a solution to them. Here they are:


1. It sounds silly….but I can’t open the DrawingToolLauncher. I’m not
using the toolbar provided with openmap. Maybe you could tell me the steps
to get it working, I’ve seen some mails regarding to the
DrawingToolLauncher/DrawingTool but they don’t help me too much.

I want to show the Drawing dialog in my app, but I don`t know well how I’ve
to initialize it and which method or event do I’ve to use to show it.

2. The second problem is that when I load a SHP with some Circles, if you
zoom in to the max_zoom the circle is not rendered or something similar so
the circle shape has a very ugly look. It happens too using the DistanceMode
with high zoom in, the surrounding circle is so awful. I don’t know why this
effect is produced, I’ve tried with antialiasing on, but the problem is not
the antialias.


I’m very lost with these problems, any given help will be appreciated.

I’m using openmap 4.6 if this helps in anything.


Thanks in advance,

Rubén Ruiz.


P.D. Help please!! :D


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