Re: [OpenMap Users] Right mouse click with MACINTOSH OS X on OMGraphicHandlerLayer ???

From: Mirek Pawlowski <>
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2004 21:45:08 +0100

Peter Solderitsch wrote:

>This has something to do with the OpenMap mouse handling code not using best practices in determining what triggers a "right click". In MouseEvent there's a method called "isPopupTrigger" (or something similar), which provides a platform-independent way to figure out if a "right-click-like" behavior was triggered.. though I forget the exact method name. The last time I looked at the relevant OpenMap mouse-related source code, it wasn't using that platform-independent method, but was looking for a particular button click instead.
>I can follow up on Monday if need be when I have the code in front of me.
Read javadoc for MouseEvent method isPopupTrigger(). It says you have to
check it both in mousePressed and mouseReleased openmap methods.
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